’22 Summer Update @ Koa Labs

  • First time founders with technical/scientific background
  • Our founders usually represent an underserved community — women, immigrants, founders of color…
  • Our average check size is ≈ $150K
  • We never invest alone — always with another seed fund and usually with one of our affiliate seed funds and more often than not Founder Collective.
  • We generally focus on HealthTech/MedTech/eHealth — but also invest in other areas — especially those related to AI, Data and Software Engineering
  • Most of our investments are in Cambridge/Boston but occasionally in New York, Austin, Bay Area, Portland ME & Seattle.
Yordana Gerdzhikova’s last day as intern @ Koa
Harrison Pellerin on his last day at Koa — I’ll miss him!
Laura Sceppa is the newest addition to the team at Koa



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Koa Labs

Koa Labs


Located in the heart of Harvard Square, Koa Labs is a Seed Fund for promising start-ups. http://koalab.com