Today the team at Upstart achieved a huge milestone — their Initial Public Offering — now listed on NASDAQ @ UPST. An IPO is just a financing event in the journey of a mission-driven company like Upstart — but it is a unique moment to take stock of amazing progress in a short period of time by a world-class team. My first and second posts on Upstart from 2012 are here and here.

Anna Counselman — kickass Co-Founder @ Upstart

I’m thrilled to have been a part of the incredible journey @ Upstart as Founding BOD Member for 8 years from January 2012 thru December 2019. When…

Recently, Tamr joined The Board Challenge as a Pledge Partner. This means we are commiting to add at least one Black director to Tamr’s Board of Directors in the next twelve months. Black leaders are significantly under-represented in America’s boardrooms, including ours. It’s time to accelerate change and set an example for others.

Why I am Backing AppLand

It’s an honor to announce that I am backing AppLand as an investor and advisor.

I have a long history with the founders — Elizabeth and Kevin. I was a founding board member at their first company, Conjur, and have been privileged to be part of their entrepreneurial journey for many decades. Kevin and I started working together at Trilogy back in the 1990's.

Why I decided to invest in AppLand?

What Elizabeth and Kevin are doing at AppLand is transformational. By building a system to enable the visual representation of code, AppLand has the…

As active angel investors at Koa, we take a lot of pitch meetings with founders. There are tons of great resources on how to give a good pitch, even at the earliest stages of a company, but individual investors are idiosyncratic, and some techniques that work with some investors don’t work well with others. We firmly believe that each side should be looking to maximize the return on the investment of their precious time. The key KPIs that matter for founders are time to decision, and dollars invested per hour of interaction. …

In addition to direct investments in early stage start-ups, Koa Fund 2 is investing in focused investment funds in order to maximize the number of founders we get to help support. There are many great funds that I’m affiliated with, but I’m particularly thrilled to be investing as an LP with Ed Dugger, Julianne Zimmerman and the incredible team at Reinventure Capital. Ed was originally introduced to me by Rick Klau who many know is a force in the startup community. …

As any Founder knows (or should know), intellectual property can protect your valuable ideas from competitors. A little over a year ago at Tamr Karen Cambray (our CFO and Head of Operations) brought in a boutique IP law firm, Panitch Schwarze to help us grow our patent and trademark portfolio. Karen had worked with Panitch Schwarze at a previous successful startup and recommended them based on her positive experience.

John D. Simmons and Clark A. Jablon along with the rest of the team from Panitch Schwarze have blown us away with the results they are now delivering. We will have…

A few days ago, I had the honor to share the stage with two friends and fellow entrepreneurs: John Evans @ Beam Therapeutics & Mike Salguero @ ButcherBox. I’d like to recognize them for their amazing achievement as Entrepreneur Of The Year 2020 Award winners.

Mike is a true entrepreneur to his core — he and I both frequent Henrietta’s Table and when he started ButcherBox in Harvard Square I was lucky enough to see him almost every week. …

I often say “startups come and go but the relationships between great startup people persist.” My good friend and trusted colleague Nick Malfroy-Camine is the embodiment of this spirit.

no fear of a bad beard

At Tamr over the past 6+ years Nick aka “Muscles” has been a core member of our engineering and leadership team. He has built great software but more importantly — he’s been at the core of building an incredible culture of trust, hard work and fun. Muscles is truly someone that embodies our spirit of professional development @ Tamr — having coached many Tamrs not only on how to build great…

This article originally appeared on the Tamr Blog.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems promised enterprises that it would make it easier to do business. Instead, enterprises got an information hegemony that today does anything but.

The idea was that the systems would track resources and business commitments in real-time, consolidating activities and data for critical business functions like procurement, sales and payroll on a centralized, common platform (and database).

In his seminal article (1998) on ERP systems in the Harvard Business Review (“Putting the Enterprise in Enterprise Systems”), Tom Davenport cautioned “An enterprise system imposes its own logic on a…

This post was written in conjunction with Nik Bates-Haus; Nabil Hachem, Ph.D.; Matt Holzapfel; and Mark Marinelli of Tamr, Inc.

Data variety — the middle child of the three Vs of Big Data — is in big trouble.

It’s in the critical path of enterprise data becoming an asset. And it’s been slow to benefit from the kind of technology advancements experienced by its “easier” siblings, data volume and data velocity.

Meanwhile, most enterprises have unconsciously built up extreme data variety over the last 50+ years. So extreme that people at large enterprises may not even realize how much variety…

Koa Labs

Located in the heart of Harvard Square, Koa Labs is a Seed Fund for promising start-ups.

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