Carta is a “no brainer” for equity & fund management.

If you are running an early stage company or if you are an employee at an early stage company or a seed fund — I strongly recommend that you have your CFO/Admin folks adopt Carta for equity and/or fund management.

I wrote a blog post about why Carta is so important a few years ago — link is here. Carta was previously called eShares.

I use Carta myself @ Tamr, more than half of the companies @ Koa have adopted Carta for equity management and I use Carta for the management of the Koa Seed Fund. All of the companies that adopt Carta have the same reaction as I did — “I can’t imagine what we did before Carta.” It really is a no-brainer.

If you don’t believe me — then listen to Fred Wilson @ UnionSquare Ventures also uses Carta and feels the same way that I do — “no brainer” — his post is here.

Hope that you give it a try — totally worth it and I bet you’ll find you can’t imagine what you did before Carta — I know I can’t.

Originally published at on November 21, 2018.

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Located in the heart of Harvard Square, Koa Labs is a Seed Fund for promising start-ups.

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