• Mike Hutnyan

    Mike Hutnyan

  • Janice Brown

    Janice Brown

    Janice L. Brown, president of Janice Brown & Associates, Inc., is a technology startup consultant who writes about the business value of emerging technologies.

  • ZDT T

    ZDT T

  • Shivank Taksali

    Shivank Taksali

    Community builder and young philanthropist. Striving to catalyze a global movement around mindfulness and youth empowerment.

  • Ramon Felciano

    Ramon Felciano

  • Adam Kocoloski

    Adam Kocoloski

    @IBM Fellow and CTO Cloud Data Services. @CouchDB developer, @IBMCloudant co-founder, erstwhile particle physicist. Disclaimer goes here.

  • Benjamin Mandl

    Benjamin Mandl

  • Andy Palmer

    Andy Palmer

    Andy Palmer is a serial entrepreneur who specializes in accelerating the growth of mission-driven startups.

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