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Introducing Hey Jane

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Now is the time

As more and more states pass laws restricting women’s access to healthcare, the need for Hey Jane grows. 2021 has been the worst year for abortion regulations ever — as of July over 90 abortion restrictions were written into law by state legislatures. This week, Texas passed a 6 week abortion restriction — effectively banning almost all abortions in Texas and disporportionately affecting people living with low incomes and people of color. As state legislatures continue to infringe on women’s rights and repeal reproductive rights, the need for Hey Jane becomes more and more critical.

Telemedicine as a trend

The cat is out of the bag with telemedicine. We may have accelerated things with the pandemic but there’s no way to undo the positive trends in telemedicine. The convenience and opportunity to optimize healthcare without having to play by the rules of the traditional dogmatic healthcare system is a no-brainer. We have doubled down on telemedicine in fund 2 with investments in Piction Health, Constant Therapy, and T SQRD. When you take the potential to address a core women’s health issue like Hey Jane, it hits home what a big difference telemedicine can make.

One of the things we love about Hey Jane is that their goal is to treat the whole person with the emotional & social support that’s necessary to effectively care for a patient.

In April, the FDA allowed telemedicine abortion for the duration of pandemic and in May, the FDA announced the start of a comprehensive reevaluation of their rules regarding telemedicine abortion. This experience during the pandemic has provided ample evidence to show that telemedicine is a viable, effective method for providing care — just as safe as in-person care but with higher rates of patient satisfaction.

Why it matters to us

Ever since the beginning of Koa Labs, backing female led companies has been a core focus. Female founded teams focusing on women’s healthcare are in our sweet spot. Hey Jane is distinctly positioned to provide exceptional care and deliver the best experience for the women they serve. Between Hey Jane and Bloomer Health Tech, we’re excited to back such tremendous companies advancing women’s health today.

A personal note:

We are outraged by the new restrictions in Texas, but proud of Hey Jane for broadening access to abortion care. They’re soon expanding to Texas’s neighboring states and you can help by directly funding an abortion for someone who needs it. Please consider making a donation to Reprocare to fund a patient’s care through Hey Jane.



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