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2 min readJan 14, 2024

I meet with a lot of folks at Henrietta’s Table every year and I’m not alone — per this recent article on Henrietta’s in Vanity Fair.

Every once in a while someone asks me why I spend so much time meeting people — “seems like you lots of time meeting people at Henrietta’s — how do you justify the time?” I usually say something like “you never know who you’ll meet.” What I really mean is that “there is an open market for talent in the world and meeting lots of people is essentially me surveying the landscape for the next great talent.”

Every once in a while I’m reminded of the benefits of being in active talent seeking mode — below is original email thread from September 2015 between myself and Matt Holzapfel :

Original email exchange between Matt Holzapfel and I back in 2015

I didn’t know Matt at the time but after our initial meeting at Henrietta’s we started working together on Tamr and after 8+ years working together @ Tamr I’m honored to call Matt a close friend, trusted colleague and one of our key leaders @ Tamr.

In our recently published book “Live for a Living” my co-author Paula Caligiuri and I emphasize how important networking is in ones’ career journey. There are a lot of benefits of networking — for me — one of the biggest benefits is the potential to meet the next superstar who will help achieve the mission/vision of your startup. Huge thanks to Matt for reaching out to me back in 2015, taking the time to meet with me at Henrietta’s (then and may times since ;) and for all his amazing work at Tamr.

I’m looking forward to meeting the next superstar entrepreneur at Henrietta’s Table — maybe tomorrow morning ;)



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