Podcast on founding of Recorded Future with Christopher Ahlberg

Christopher Ahlberg and I spent some time reflecting on the founding of Recorded Future. Podcast is here.

If you haven’t heard of Recorded Future — you soon will. RF is truly one of the driving forces for good in cyber security.

Few excerpts from my comments in the podcast below :

“I think one of the interesting and compelling things early in the formation of the company was this idea that there was a need for a temporal index on the web. Disambiguating time on the web would be a very, very powerful thing and when we first started out, we weren’t really certain what applications would be most powerful and compelling. For the first couple of years we looked at many different applications in financial services, and security, and intelligence.

Then there was one of these classic “crossing the chasm” moments where Christopher called us all up and said, “I really think that cyber is our thing. Cyber threat intelligence is going to be the most powerful and compelling application of this temporal index on the web.” And boy, was he right.”

“There were times when we were walking down paths that didn’t pan out and the amazing thing about the early team at Recorded Future was there was sort of a commitment to fail fast. No fear, actually, kind of a hunger almost to try lots of new applications very, very aggressively and to not be discouraged if those applications didn’t turn out to be compelling or interesting, either on the technical side or on the business side.

The whole team was very, very deliberate and aggressive in looking, seeking, for this application where these temporal indexes were going to have a huge impact analytically.”

“I felt when I came on board and when Rich came on and Simon in the early days, it was clearly and deliberately Christopher building a team around him that was no different than any other team. One of the things that Recorded Future and Christopher does uniquely is, he actually puts the board to work all the time. It’s very demanding being a board member at Recorded Future because Christopher has high expectations. I actually think this is the next generation of board membership is going to be more like what Christopher does at Recorded Future where, we’re all responsible for actually delivering value to the company and being very actively involved.

It’s not about just showing up to meetings and checking a bunch of boxes. It’s been that way from the beginning and that culture still persists on the board.”

Originally published at koablog.wordpress.com on August 20, 2017.

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