Reid Hoffman & Friendship

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2 min readJun 13, 2022


Fantastic talk by Reid Hoffman at Vanderbilt Commencement — here.

So much of what Reid says resonates with me and my life experience — especially the importance of substantive friendship in your life — beyond just cultivating a professional or personal network.

Specifically a few highlight include :

“Life is most fulfilling as a team sport. We achieve more and feel better together.”

“Decide to make friendship a priority because it isn’t the side hustle — it’s the whole game. Make an active choice that friendship matters to you.”

“Make friendship a conscious practice…establish rituals a weekly call, a monthly breakfast…”

“Realize less time doesn’t have to mean less friendship…if you know each others dreams you will support each other along the way no matter how busy you are.”

“There is this myth of the entrepreneur as solo genius. It’s a good story but it’s not usually true. In fact I’ve found just the opposite. You have a team — some of your key teammates are your friends — the ones your share your dreams, and fears and hopes with are the people most able to help you get to where you should be going. Because again friends will tell you not what you want to hear but what you need to hear.”

“I’ve had 100 mentors, most of them friends….this has given me the most joy in my life. This is why I’m here.”

“We need to be the entrepreneurs of our own lives…but there’s something more foundational.”

“Your friends help you the most by letting you help them”

There is a ton of other great stuff in his talk — I highly recommend taking the time to listen.



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